Puppy Application

Puppy Application

Below you will find our Puppy Guarantee Contract as well as a list of common questions I get with their answers. Please take the time to review the FAQ before applying. Once you are ready to apply, simply go to our Gooddog page and fill it out. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Frequently asked questions

  • How much are your puppies?

    Unless specified on the Litters Page, all our pet(Limited AKC registration, NO BREEDING) puppies are $1500 USD. We require a $100 reservation fee, this goes towards the purchase price of your puppy and ensures you a spot on our waitlist, we take a maximum of 4 before the litter is born. Once the puppies are born, if your specified coat color/gender is born, we require a deposit of $400. The remainder of the purchase price is due at 7 weeks of age when picks are made. Picks are done in order of DEPOSIT received, NOT reservation fee. We make EVERY attempt to keep people up to date on labor and to contact everyone in order of reservation fees received, but if you do not respond within 24 hours, we do move on to the next person on the list.

  • Do you sell breeding rights?

    Short Answer; No, we do not. We sell all puppies on Limited AKC pre-completed registration and under a very strict spay/neuter contract.

    Exception; If you are an established, experienced breeder, with a lengthy track record of Health testing/Performance or Show titling, we are open to discuss a breeding prospect with you, very strict rules and requirements apply and there are certain coat colors and lines we will not allow in breeding homes.

  • Are the puppies parents 'certified'?

    Yes, all of our breeding dogs that we OWN are Hip and Elbow certified through OFA, PennHip, and/or BVA. We also only use outside stud dogs with 'certified' health testing. While we always aim to complete all three on our OWNED dogs, due to the BVA being in The United Kingdom, it is difficult and time consuming to acquire their grades, so usually, you will see OFA and PennHip scores only on each of our dogs profiles.

    We also test our dogs for hundreds of genetic diseases through Embark.

  • Can I meet the parents?

    While we would love to have you visit our property and meet the parents in person, this is not always possible, nor do we usually allow it. Unfortunately in this day and age not everyone has the best intentions and we have been the target of burglary at our old property from folks posing as interested puppy buyers. There are also a myriad of diseases that can be tracked unknowingly onto our property, by well meaning clients, which can result in a very lengthy and expensive venture for us.

    We do however, happily face time, share photos/videos of our daily lives, the kennel and the environment in which the puppies are born and raised. We have nothing to hide and will gladly take photos or videos featuring any number of 'proof' requirements for worried clients. Usually our puppies are picked up by clients at the vet office, in person.

  • Have the puppies been socialized?

    Absolutely! We take the time to introduce puppies to new people/environments and will take puppies into public before they go home, using very strict procedures to ensure their health and safety. We try to send our puppies home with you as bomb proof as possible.

  • Have the puppies been to the vet?

    Yes! All of our puppies go to the vet at 7.5 weeks of age and receive their first vaccine(administered by the vet), fecal check and a thorough exam. We do NOT do our own vaccines as most vet practices will not accept breeder administered vaccines. Our vet also inserts their microchip at this visit and provides a very comprehensive and thorough exam record(which we provide a copy of to you), ensuring that you take a healthy and exemplary puppy home.

  • Do you have a guarantee? Do you require spay/neuter?

    Yes and yes. Our guarantee is in our Puppy Contract, it covers everything we currently test for. We do require you to spay/neuter your dog by 26 months.

  • When can my puppy come home?

    We really appreciate the enthusiasm our clients have about taking their baby fur ball home, but by law, we do not allow them to go home before 8 weeks of age and may keep them until 12 weeks if we think they need some extra work.