Silver and White German Shepherds

Silver and White German Shepherds

White German Shepherd AKA White Swiss Shepherd

White-colored German Shepherds were once banned from registration in their native Germany, but in the United States and Canada the coloration gained a following and a breed club was formed specifically for white colored German Shepherds, calling their variety the White Shepherd. The first stud dog of what became the White Swiss Shepherd Dog was an American dog born in 1966 that was imported to Switzerland. They have since attained recognition by becoming their own breed in Europe. They are still German Shepherds in the USA.

They are bred for a more agreeable temperament with similarities to their West German Show Line cousins, although few are worked in protection sports, the majority are shown. They are exclusively White in color, although they can 'mask' a variety of colors and coat patterns. They are integral to our Silver lines.

Silver German Shepherd

The Silver German Shepherd is a rare and uncommon occurrence in the German Shepherd breed as a whole. The silver refers to the secondary color of their coat which has been lightened from tan to a pale silver or cream. The Silver still comes in a variety of coat colors and patterns but the most common is the Silver Sable. They are bred for a softer family companion temperament and are not generally capable of protection work, although they do tend to excel in obedience and due to their 'wolf-like' appearance; their presence alone is generally a deterrent. Although they are allowed in the show ring, the paler coat is considered a fault making a Champion titled silver incredibly hard to achieve.

They are larger, less angulated and heavier boned than their breed counter parts but tend to have a more narrow/wolf-like head piece. The silvers are beautiful and ethereal, wherever they go they turn heads.

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